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any bros awake at this hour?
Zoomer here, need advice
My friends are trying to get me smoke. Most of them already drink. They also smoke weed (and some other things idk). Is smoking bad (i know it is)? Obviously the decision is mine to make, and I'll most probably not because I'm not desperate to fit in or le smoking to look kewl or some shit. Oh and I'm 19 btw, few months away from 20
Im bored, AMA. Lil sumthing about me: im 17, thats about it ig.
Are you guys even my fren?
This is something InChcels can never do
retarded zoomer faggot here. I've been in the ECE course in a decent private college for more than one semester now, with classes being completely online, and I have absolutely no idea what the fuck electronics engineering is or what future it has. I really need some answers. What should I study and where should I study it from? What specialisations are in this field? What are the hottest areas of research? What specialisation should I get a higher degree (Mtech or PhD) in? what should I do to improve my resume? I would prefer to stay in the core field, mainly because I hate codemonkeying. My ideal gameplan is to survive through Btech and emigrate to a europoor country for an Mtech, may or may not get a PhD after that. I'm completely fucking retarded so I'm afraid I might screw it all up by not doing shit. I feel like I've already wasted so much time in 1st sem and done nothing productive. Please give me some insights if you have experience in this field. Thanks a lot in advance.
I hate being surrounded by low IQ peoples. The sheer amount of retarded bullshit that they consume and spread makes my brain hurt. The problem is they sense my intelligence and flock to me. With it they also bring their bad luck and bad atmosphere. I really hate these peoples. Please like, share and subscribe and click on that bell icon.
is there any fellow indian guy or girl who finds ted k based cus I wanna be friends (I'm a girl btw)
How long until we take our chan back from reddit chodi niggers
Now I am death, destroyer of worlds
Abey heendu teri ma ka bhosda yaar
I drink so much blaady water every day and still getting chhaala in my mouth yaarr why is this Happening
Kon kon heendu bacchion ka balaatkaar karna chahega? UwU
Namaazi anon
So how many heendu girls have you raped today?
White boy summer? Bitch please, we got a real 'Indian boy summer' situation here with bois spending all their lockdown time in comfy chaddi baniyan, munching fast food and mangoes, pretending to attend online classes
what are foreigner's opinions on chamars?
Inch is dead for good this time.
Inch is dead for good this time.
can you educate me on how to best fulfill my destiny as a Chola Bvll?
>foreign flag starts banter about stereotype >indian poster gets mad and starts posting statistics and reports and links why can't we get into being funny? pic unrelated
Pajeets, I am in a fix and need your expert advise. Parents found a girl for me to marry in India (I can’t meet her until marriage coz covid) and things are moving fast back home. I’ve been talking for a month but I’m not getting that attraction towards her. Is this normal in arranged marriage? I feel she isn’t bringing much to the table... My pros: > Tier 2 college educated > 5’11”, athletic and decent looking (small old pimple scars tho) > settled in US > Various hobbies My cons: > introvert Her pros: > Maturity > Decent looking (tho she seems to be getting fat) > Apparently an extrovert > Good family and seems like a good girl > modern but not a slut (Apparently many incels fell behind her but she never budged) Her cons: > 5’3” and not very fair (turnoffs for me) > I need to bring her here and educate her > Not ambitious/ no major hobbies > Anger issues(Was pissed for asking if she is aimless coz of depression) (Continued)
I once talked to pigeons. three of them to be exact. they did a fucking mating dance for me. I sweet-talked one of them into telling me their sacred pigeon wisdom but she was very scared of telling me the truth. there are agent smiths everywhere all the time. even in pigeon form. if you acquire higher knowledge, be careful who you're telling I hope they don't hunt me down for this post
wtf /b/, i remember sometime back there was a thread about themes where anons were like , mocking the use of dark theme stating that its dumb to just go around making everything black. that made me seriously re consider how i operate on a day to day basis using any website/app. now i go out of my way to check on myself & change the theme if its black. you fuckers got into my head ! btw indiachan is a really comfy theme
Why world is trans....forming?
These disgust creatures are not even approved by any religions on the planet, even filthy jews deny them. IIRC there is only can be DICK or a PUSSY, do they have some other extra genitals or mixture?
Yep, this is Rice's Theorem. If we have a particular program P which outputs a certain value, there is an infinite set of programs of the form 'C; P;' which first run some arbitrary code 'C' and then run P. The Halting Problem is undecidable, so we can't always tell whether code 'C' will halt or not; and hence whether we'll move on to executing P or not.
why do women like crackhead faggots beardless skinny guys. they know the jawline and abs are bc they're skinny right.
>>Love Isreal from Lundia
One image is from a Indian ip while the other one is from a European vpn, why does india have a useless trending page.
unban Indian IPs
Chamarizard look at >>>/meta/ and unban all these massive ranges. it's becoming impossible to post and activity has massively gone down.
one of us
How do fellow chaddis cope?
Tell us your copes, fellow chodes
Hello you are watching national geographic today we will be traveling the world which one of you did this? based anon btfoing a bunch of trannies
yaaro i don't have good underwear now I wanted to buy some good ones when the cuckdown ended but that has not happened what do yaaro (i already asked my ammi she didn't know what to do)
>>Real life Example Vrooo Why cant the Pajeet Brain understand any abstract Concept
Tfw when it's easier to post on 4cuck than on lundiaChan
what's ur web type goois?
मुसीबत के लिए तैयार हो जाओ
Are there any chapris in japan?
What is Lundiachans opinion about Efilism ? Efilism, is deliberately spelled efil and -ism, where efil is “life” spelled backwards. Efilism a philosophical position and also a social movement that believes that there is a negative value to birth ( both human and other animals). Similar to antinatalism except they believe even birth of other animals is tragedy. Repill yourself anons :
Mujhe pyaari piggu face NE indian ko girlfriend banane se mat roko, frands.
No wonder that hindpoo subhumans got raped out of their miserable existences over and over. If you're such a feminized and cucked peoples, you deserve it.
mai heendu hun is bemaari ka kya upaay hai?
>tfw Indiachan has reached BDchan level of activity My comfy chan is no more t.Oldfag zoomer
official test thread
good morning nation India is the greatest country on Earth, and those who say otherwise have not yet gotten a skill to see the bigger picture those who see otherwise have not yet grasped what progress means. progress does not mean progress in economic terms, progress means spiritual progress, the mitigation of karma Western nations have accrued more karma by raping and pillaging Mother Earth, in India progress is done by applying ancient knowledge about the laws of Universe that were communicated to ancestors in times past while the world is being destroyed, you will see that pockets of sanctuaries are formed in India, where no harm is done unto those people living in these pockets, the future of mankind depends on these people and they are guarded by Higher forces in our Universe those who bless the One Creator (for everything is One, we live in Unity) receive knowledge of the higher realms and are able to take India to next level into the future, where Western decay has corrupted most of the existing civilization due to the fact that Western globalization is evil and wants to pervert all things Holy, all things that remind us of higher wisdom that is still being actively applied in the lives of many millions of people who, to the Western eyes, seem utterly poor and disadvantaged, but to the Higher Realms these people are the Chosen Ones to reserve your place in the future Heaven on Earth, seek the One Creator, for the One Creator will reveal its holiest secrets to the aspirant if done properly do not be discouraged by the bad words of the uninitiated on this Board, or the words of the Dark Ones whose job is to guide you astray and make you lose your path that is meant for you the Dark is only doing its job, it has a place on this world, its job is to lead people astray. to mislead, but if you aknowledge its job, you may smile to it, wave your hand and say hello, I'm following the whisper of the One Creator in my heart
Just found out that my father is employing Bengalis in his factory. How do I redpill him on Bengalis and get them fired
Waba laba dub dub
Mujhe japanese idols ke sath sex krna ha!! みやざきみほ
too sexy
balatkar yaaronnnnnn! too hot! mat rokoh!!
Which one of you is running this channel??
How good is 5.5 PSL on the looksmax scale?
>/pol/ is the most active board >and that too, /pol/ only gets roughly 3-4 posts per hour absolute state of this nigger website. Wtf happened?
GOOD MORNING NATION (Not the anon who used to make these threads but whatever the hell) Woke up to the sound of the temple bell & well.... Here's to another day anons
Why does she look so ugly here? I can't coom to this
Inch's archive is fucking goldmine.
What is Lundiachans opinion about wifu sharing ? Is it based or is it just another Jew invention ?
/dg/ - diary general
how long has it been since the last diary sharing general? post excepts from your diary, anons. I'll post mine after one or two responses.
>had a foreign faculty teach us a course this semester. >great guy and legit talented. >On the first lecture, he asks students to not call him "sir" cause it makes him think as if he is a colonizer or some shit. >pajeets still refer him as sir, everytime. >poor dude never brings it up, out of shame perhaps Why are pajeets like this?
Dafaq is this video with pajeet vibes
the quality of threads on /b/ is beyond repair, wtf is happening to this place !
lets turn /man/ into /jp/ & remove /a/
what do you think of bric?
Rape bina kya jeena yaaron Rape bina kya marna yaaron Gur se meetha rape rape Imli se khatta rape rape Wada yeh pakka rape rape Dhaga yeh kaccha rape rape
how to marry 13 Saal ki ladki?
I recently got a job at Bangalore. I saw a video last year where locals and policemen beat somegl guy because he looked a little asian. I'm from Uttarakhand. Will I get the same treatment? I have fair skin and slight hint of asian.
Post the Ash Gautam copypasta pls
Indian women after porn
Do you guys consider Indian women to be ugly after watching porn? Do you ever find women in India that match the proportions and looks like women that you see in porn?
Too many Assamese anons?
>did Assamese niggers raid this board ? >Why so many of them here
When will pajeets get start getting cucked by black bvlls like mutts?
The flawed research article that claimed IVC ate large amounts of beef and did not consume much milk
Review of a very popular article shared by almost every cretin on the left side in India ( even bullas ) reveals the study was poorly conducted ( or maybe even deliberately made that way ) The arguments used in the paper are almost reverse of the findings in the papers which they cite ( they didn't go through it or are just retarded ) A must read: Although, nothing very conclusive can be said about this topic, this research paper is BS
ye currychan kya chiz h?
i have no interest in anything, no motivation & no real hobbies. my life is devoid of any specific purpose & my existence solely revolves around satisfying my immediate needs. i dont feel regret that often & am unable to change myself for the better. i am a burden on my family .......but for now everything is its alright.
i m covid positive....
Why are pajeets heavily into the navel fetish?
>Wouldn't say shit about state sanctioned pedophilia among muslims in India >Think India is a secular country. Refuse to say anything about masjids and church not being under government control. Wouldn't say anything about extra provisions for minorities. >Think citizens of this country can starve to death and lose jobs while illegal rohingyas should be allowed (While being kicked out of bangladesh and malaysia, Both Islamic states) in the name of humanity. >Think Hindus aren't in danger but haven't ever been to kashmir or pakistan or bangladesh where a Hindu can be killed for blasphemy. >Thinks BJP is a communal party while TMC calls to break India (100s of Thousands of people died in India during partition) and AIMIM Party calls for beheading of people >Wouldn't say anything against muslims calling for beheading of a hindu for exercising his free speech while cry tears when a muslim comedian gets arrested legally for his free speech. >Wouldn't say anything about corona spreading during tablighi jamaat and farmer's protests but cry about it spreading during kumbh mela >Still chastise Hindus for caste system but don't criticize Islam and Christianity for dealing in astronomical levels of slavery, wiping out entire civilizations and religious persecution among many other barbaric evils committed. >Think atheists in India are under danger and live as second class citizens just because beef is banned while atheist get killed for blasphemy or even just existing in Islamic countries >Think Hindu religion is full of superstition but believe in karma and zodiac signs. >Think Congress was formed to give India independence without knowing they were british stooges with their leaders insulting freedom fighters in the 1857 mutiny and wanted Britishers to continue to rule them. >Blame India for its high population without checking Muslim birth rate in India. >Still feel guilt over Babri demolition but won't even mention the bomb blasts and hundreds of temples demolished by Muslims in retaliation. >Will cry tears when someone supports Hitler or denies Jew genocide but make a living out of denying Hindu genocide and worshipping genocidal maniacs like Aurangzib. >Criticize every Hindu festival as backward or a threat to the environment but don't point a finger at other festivals >Fail to see why everyone in the world is hostile to muslims be it hindus, buddhists, christians or even secular countries like france. Scream Islamophobia and call everyone fascist instead of seeing the main cause which is political Islam >Think eliminating Hinduism from India will make it a better place. Don't know Islam will take over India and treat them like second class citizens. Kill them over tearing off mohommad stickers. >Aim for open borders allowing anyone from any country inside while people in the country don't have jobs and are starving. When these immigrants start raping their woman and burning their houses they blame citizens for going to immigrant settles areas for being raped and getting their property burnt or being outright killed. >Think a person is a transphobe if he refuses to date a trans person. A person is a racist if they refuse to date a black or white person. Their chimp brains incapable of understanding it's the person's choice and they don't have any right to judge people on how they want to spend their life. >Think we should make unisex bathrooms to accommodate trans people. This means allowing men and women to use the same bathrooms. Think men should be allowed to compete in women sports championships and avail scholarships for women if they identify as a woman. >Think that a 7yo boy is actually a girl and dress him in girls clothes and mentally torture him into thinking he's a girl just because he played with a doll once in his life. >Jail people for not calling them ze/zer or their preferred pronouns. >Fire people and label them communal and destroy their career for being islamophobic but champion and sponsor Hinduphobia calling it as a fight against hindutva. >Think instances of Hindus eating beef in
Is adopting baby to alleviate loneliness a good idea?
When will India be progressive like America?
how to stop fantasizing about going to japan & living the weeb life ? i swear this day dreaming shit is going out of hand, all i do in my free time these days is lurk /jp/ or just sit in my room staring at random things while being stuck in head . this day dreaming shit has been going on since i was in 6th grade & now as a 23 yr old , have to admit i have no control over myself. i need to stop this asap, how to regain control over my mind & curb is bitchy habit ?
Just want to say
/b/ baklol is the best board on inch
Rate her anons
I'll give a solid 6/10 Also she's a Muslim and before you ask yes she has sucked and fucked beefy hindu cocks. Cheers.
Hot baaaaabe
Marriage advice
Parents want me to marry, but I have talked to enough pretty girls to know that even the chaste ones are repressed attention whores who have bfs hidden from families and/or are leading other men on, usually on social media. Girls will deny if I ask them, what do? Marry a randi? Or should I become a man whore myself before marriage? I can do it since I am brahmin chad tbh, just grew up sheltered from city life.
मुझे इंटर्नेट से संस्कृत सीखना है ।
Oh no, anon bros. What's next for our childhood role model?
In these turbulent times of this pandemic, let's raise our collective positivity Uske liye meri taraf se suniye Karuna nidhaan bhagwan mere ki ek line Stay safe
Instawhore dates InCh chad
To all femanons and larpers Dating is fucking cringe. Stay Chaste or you'd end up like this or worse.
/bike general/
Which is the best non-chappri bike and why is it xpulse 200?