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>>/pol/243188 >>243187 *For all intent and purposes
>>/b/300912 >>300908
>>/b/300911 >>300908 name of girl?
>>/pol/243187 >>243182 >>243185 >>243186 Get some self awareness retards. I closer to Rajputs in every aspect on intent and purposes than O
>>/yoga/4386 >>4377 This. Tell me some yoga routine so I don't stay a permafatty due to my high carb diet.
>>/b/300908 MAYUYU!!!
>>/b/300907 >>300878 lol takamina is so short i find it too funny... poor girl should wear silicone on her head just as she was suggested
>>/pol/243186 >>243180 >but it's always Rajputs who act uppity as if they were actually some reality which is massively cringe. Marathis figh
>>/b/300906 >>300903 Ek plate idli dosa please >>300905 Kek
>>/b/300905 >I try my hardest, but everytime I see these effeminate pajeets/troglodyte pajeetas trying to shit talk about our indigneous cul
>>/pol/243185 >>243182 Holy fucking shit how can the chamarathi even recover
>>/pol/243184 >>242702 >based take muzzie women want to ride hindu dick, while their men leave for jihad.