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>>/pol/263072 >>262153 Just figured it out huh? Everyone is a commie in this cunt
>>/pol/263071 >>263068 >breed European women dont even breed with their own
>>/pol/263069 >>263022 Can anyone redpill me on Chinese Higer education? Or is this a meme? EE student here, interested in Semiconductor In
>>/pol/263068 >>263014 The best of us will make our way to Europe and breed with the European women so our descendents can enjoy the fruits o
>>/pol/263067 >>262575 why is social conservatism bad chamar. Neighborhood neha not putting out?
>>/b/320080 >>320037 no that one's named kan
>>/b/320079 >>319687 why is every first letter of your words are capitalised?
>>/g/12582 >>12579 I use default windows 10
>>/pol/263066 >>263064 Bhamans absolutely BTFO How will they ever recover
>>/pol/263065 blacks are talented entertainers and dominate sports. Bhangis are literal biowaste
>>/pol/263064 >>262850 is this the peak of bhangi creativity
>>/meta/8943 >>8942 absolute state