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>>/g/7438 >>7433 >implying his win 7 copy is "original" really lad you don't know shit about fuck
>>/pol/158804 >>158741 >posts third class animations (quality not topic) >proceeds to get assraped by local thulla under IT Act FIR
>>/pol/158803 >>158763 >twatter drama thread >no meltdown screenshots off yourself nobody cares about twatter only meltdowns are postwor
>>/pol/158802 >>158776 Chamaar India's full name is Republic of India or ROI. DRB will be the based version. Please keep your low iq out of t
>>/pol/158801 >>158577 I was talking about the target demograph >it's jooooooos take it to char chana faggot
>>/pol/158800 >>158793 Don't care because most muslims are either inbred pedos or tyre puncturewalas. Yet to see a rich muslim. The ones I kn
>>/b/196348 >>196336 >shit bait with long ass unreadable wall of text kys urgently
>>/b/196347 >>196346 >hang yourself on that Aditya.jpg
>>/pol/158799 >>158704 Bhenchod this is Indiachan not morrocanchan. Let sandniggers do there retarded stuff. Nobody cares here..
>>/pol/158798 >>158792 >Bhajipao >Progressive Choose one raita. Even the core voters know that bjp isn't progressive but it has passed more
>>/a/7696 >>7695 Suggest please
>>/a/7695 >>7692 This but VNs.