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>>/b/433870 >>433463 Mai tere ko acche se janta hu Hasan , ek aur thread dikha toh tere baap ko yeh sab police ko bhej dunga
>>/ent/26583 >>26580 chutiya scene for fan service. although i did love the heroine's pits on display
>>/b/433869 >>433543 Test
>>/b/433868 >>433227 Padhai pe focus Karna tha so cut down my distractions Will return after JEE hopefully
>>/b/433867 >>432935 Stop trying to larp as me faggot
>>/b/433866 >>433744 Vaah, aaj op ki chudai ho ke rahegi.
>>/pol/330241 >>330230 >mfw 51% reservation in JEE
>>/pol/330240 >>330239 >abduls have to exaggerate the map to cope with getting mogged by Mauryans It is not even funny anymore
>>/pol/330239 holy kek look at all these puny low t nothoids here cry at simple shit like this no wonder they got raped by high t meat Eate
>>/pol/330238 >>330230 Thus proven reservations are counterproductive
>>/pol/330237 >>330230 Yeah that was the first time I got to know about my caste
>>/pol/330236 >>329357 you think if mbs or anyone had the power to delete hadiths, they wouldn't start with the camel piss one?