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>>/b/358514 >>358504 cute pic yaar I have to admit >>358505 resisting you anime bhangis have nothing to do with world wars. go back to
>>/b/358513 >>358510 same anon, such a chill SoL MOVIE
>>/b/358512 >>358502 What would you do op?
>>/b/358511 >>358496 chamar
>>/b/358510 >>358353 I watched this movie yesterday, what kinda matrix fuckery is this? Anyway, really fun to watch.
>>/pol/293752 >>293723 Based, comrade o7
>>/b/358509 >>358375 CS kar leta lodu.
>>/b/358508 >>358503 i was not exposed to black pill stuff back then >>358486 i just walked out of the class, my heart was thumping very
>>/g/14018 since ive money now and snapping picture on phone looks low class ,poor and make my face narrower. recommend around 30k budget
>>/b/358507 >>358479 I'm not ugly, maybe below average to average at best.
>>/pol/293751 >>293743 >chamar Most beggars and poor people in Mumbai are actually upper castes from UP and Bihar.