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>>/b/388830 >>388827 sahi farmaaya brother
>>/b/388829 >>388173 graphic era mein hoga tu jaroor
>>/b/388828 >>388777 Brings a tear to my eye :') Unlike daily soaps and the likes of cid, I like to kill off memes, jokes, trends et al. b
>>/b/388827 >>388826 Inshaallah dhoni ke bina cricket ka bhi haal hockey jaise ho jayega.
>>/pol/310813 >>310811 aryans emerged from hindus
>>/pol/310812 >>310791 >>310799 Average non-pashtun pakistani.
>>/b/388825 >>388789 bc yeh banda itna lamaba hai 2 meter sala
>>/b/388824 >>388763 Number 21 has low self-esteem problems for being a bit chubby, so she tries to validate herself as a woman by being a
>>/pol/310811 >>310810 >abdul not even abdul chamar, would rather go with my aryan brethren than associate with inbreds like you
>>/b/388823 >>388763 Number 15 is a real life princess and she's also the smartest among them all, although somewhat depressive too...
>>/pol/310810 >>310804 >anyone not appreciating muh paki chinlet soyboy is chinlet Abdul yaar