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/circumcision general/
EID Mubarak HEENdu bhaio. Kya aapne apna khatna karwa liya?
Redpill me on out of india theory
Someone redpill me on out of india theory.
Why are dickless pakis so weak compared to even fucking vegetarian pajeets? where's the Heendu now? somehow Heendus are literally twice as strong than Muzzies?
Redpill me on out of india theory
Someone redpill me on out of india theory.
i was looking up at american civil war and saw some US civil war veterams and guess what I found....pagchod poopinder Singh sandhu Once again pagchods proved his loyalty to white men by even fighting in their wars
Red-pill me on this faggot
Can someone red-pill me on this pootalian nigger? Why does he and cumskins try to larp as Dindpoos..
mvdhurai mogger
>be me >average naarthie in naarthland >wake up and get out of my poo smeared bed >brush my teeth with my brush and poopaste >time to shower >fill the bucket up with last night's liquid diarrhea and drop it on myself >feel pressure building up >go downstairs to the chawk , bend over and drop a hot steaming turd onto the bowl. >exceptionally yellow >my omen of a good day >finish my meal and now its time to head out to school >gotta take the auto >haggle with the autowaaalaaa- "aye bhai , kya bhai 30 rupay bohot high amount hai , seat pe poo bohot kam hai bhai seat. >he thinks for a minute. >gets out of the auto >climbs in back seat , drops the yellowest piece of poo i have ever seen. It was a sight to behold. Just a solid corn of pure yellow. Never had i seen poo this yellow. >second omen of a good day. >buy that poo off him. At first he was unwilling to let go of it. But later haggled and brought it from him. >reach school >Friend comes over and shows his poo stained t shirt. >fuck.jpg >the stains were a sight to behold. The texture was incredible. >ask him how he did it >says that he used the dryarrhea technique where you smear liquid diarrhea on the t shit and let it dry out for a while in the sun. The poo dehydrates and leaves a really nice texture on the stain because its just poo without the water. >show him the yellow turd that I purchased off the auto waalaa earlier today. >he's awestruck. Asks me how I came across it , told him the story. >said that he wish he had a poo that yellow. >I'm the owner of the yellowest poo in the whole school >word spreads >words distort >word on the street is that I made the yellowest poo in the whole school , when I merely purchased it. >constantly get approached by women telling me that they want their children to have poos as yellow as mine. >MFW they want to me to breed them >end up breeding them. >feelsgoodman So anyways bros this is the story of how I lost my virginity.
What is Delhi's problem?
Can coofniggers there die already or stop getting the coof please? Tired of lockdown meme when nothing has even fucking happened where I am cause delhi nogs can't breathe. Also can someone please go coof on judges?
Upsc cse postponed ho gaya
based israel
israel should wipe out paleshitine bulla pableek oh my fucking gawd these katwe just never get enough of land israel is already such a small country yet these jhaat-beard cunts want that land just gtfo to some bakri lover cuntry and cope like pakicunts and bamglafags did i hope israel rapes each and every bulli of bakri luvers so they go back with jew blood in their veins as a remembrance
Why does Dalitendra suck so much Baba Chamaar cock and why do Bhaktbhangis suck so much Dalitendra cock?
Liberals BTFO
>>Dalitendra = Gandhi 2.0 So i was right all along Never Trust a guJEW
Why do whites claim that hinduism is a white religon?
It's clear that after the ethnogenesis of Aryans and abos that Hinduism, Buddhism and other dharmic faiths came into existence.
Why are heendus like this?
white masta white masta
white masta white masta fachist songhis are killing muh muzrats please save endia from fachist songhis, white masta.please nuke endia white masta. i lube you white masta. i want to eat your shit white masta. please anal rape me white masta. thank you white masta
How do we weaponize the autism of rampal fags in our favor? Pic related: top 2 trends are by them
>TFW India becomes neo Greatest Ally. >Split up ME along racial lines, we take Iran, they take the levant+iraq. >All Muslims incarcerated, young males made to fight wild animals in survival games on live tv rest euthanized.
Waba laba dub dub
What do you guys think of the 7 sisters?
On mudslime 'children'
Children, depending on how you classify them should be anywhere between 10-15% of pop. Fairly well distributed. Especially now that schools are out, not that Israel was targeting schools before. How the fuck are 30% of casualties children? Do they rush in orphan kids when IDF warns about bringing a tower down? There's no other explanation for this statistical anomaly, it always happens during Israeli shenanigans.
huomenna on perjantai kaljaa ja viinaa vittu pillu plörsplörs
huomenna on perjantai kaljaa ja viinaa vittu pillu plörsplörs
Amerishits saying India has a crime and terrorism problem? What the shit? This isn't Mogadishu!
Get the fuck in here right now
Veena Malik makes cumskins and Jews seethe by quoting Mein Fuhrer. Bbbased Every cumskin mutt is seething.. Bbbased
India Stands With Israel
Seriously these subaltern zionists are even worse than leftist palestine fans.
Chodi Mods
>The absolute state of Moder Chodes
More bimarus dying for wuhan flu ?
Why is this a problem?
based kangana honestly tho, israel should just finish it off by now, its pathetic they keeping Palestinians like this.
behold, the fabled amerishart culture
How are Muslims going to blame the coming war on Israel puppeteering their leaders once they lose when the average retards are cheering for it online?
>India on downward trend since 1000
AD Thanks islam and eurofag christcucks
India is a racially homogenous country. All of us have caucasoid features and skull shape with the exception of North East Mongoloids.
assam will become muslim majority state
Newspapers and (((social media))) pages are literally like the history books the kikes modified to manipulate people
Whitoid cope
Why do 4cuck whitoids always screech about Jews not being inventive and just label them as a group of uncreative people when literally fucking Sombart denounces this stupidity? Are snow skiniggers this fragile?
Dravidian Vellalar Supremacy Thread
Vellalars are elite Tamil agricultural castes. We are ‘abbo’, ‘ugly’ , ‘insecure’ but still kept ‘Aryan’ Brahmins In their place. We were the OG Vaishyas but Brahkikes conspired with the Brits to categorise us as Shudras. Jokes on them though, cause today T.N has 69% reservation. Luckily for us the Sri Lankan Records of our Supremacy exist as Brahkikism was limited there. I’ll post more info below.
GOOD MORNING NATION yearly reminder that you belong in one of these boxes.
State the constitutional amendments that you will implement if you are made to write them <National >Increase the term of the president from 4 years to 10 years >Conduct parliamentary elections on an yearly basis and rajya sabha ones on 2 year basis >Same for state and district bodies >Make Hindi written in Latin the official language of the country >Remove socialist and secular clause from the constitution <Civil >Raise AoC to 22, anybody who had sex before that will be punished >Remove state recognition of marriage as an institute people will be free to conduct marriage however they want with whomever they want >Make impregnating your relatives(for both southies and muzzies), any women above 35 and any women below 25 illegal >Religious bodies of whatever religion is free to operate their religious institutions however they want >Make porn and prostitution illegal , drawn porn will be legal <Administrative >Break up any state with more than 30 million population >Make parliamentary representation based on population >Disband all governement institutions wherver possible like CBSE, IPS, etc... make these institutions state based with only a national supervisor as overseer >Make PSUs private
Why Dravidians??
Why do Dravidians circlejerk each other more than any other community in India, especially Tamils. Have they been brainwashed from childhood to be self-congratulatory cunts?...It feels like all the Tamilians are in a giant cult who are high on their "Identity". Why do they think they are much more superior than they actually are, when they typically look like picrel?
what do you think about this althistory channel?
Is there anything more pathetic and incelly in this world than the average, screeching hindpoo pajeet wannabe e-historian? Especially if you look at historians of other countries.
Why are pajeets so fucking embarrassing holy shit
Literally wtf is wrong with these coombrained negroids?
Wow, i didn't know Rapoos were this strong
I think the powerlifting squat record in india is 335 Kg and they don't efen squat for more than a few seconds. But maharana pratap was carrying 360 kg around casually. Amazed. Wow. Rajooos truly are a master race.
What would your ranking for a roommate among Bimaru, southie, Punjabi, Jhant, Muslim, Rajpoop, Pahari, Delhifag, North east
This Pakistani Muslim is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my life to defend his, but I would not even sacrifice a single thought to help any of the Bengali "Hindus". They are completely alien to me.
Compiled anon #235683's thread into a document to be used to redpill people against Beemarus. Show Beemarus their real place. (No hate to People who were born there,but if you are unwilling to give up bimaru Psychological Traits, You get REKT)Compiled anon #235683's thread into a document to be used to redpill people against Beemarus. Show Beemarus their real place. (No hate to People who were born there,but if you are unwilling to give up bimaru Psychological Traits, You get REKT)
Race-mixing cannot exist because the concept of "race" itself is nothing but a mere social construct
Ultimate redpill on POOMARU subhuman animal trash. 1. LABORER POOMARUS No one like Bhaiyyas. Period. No matter which state you go people hate them. This can be a prejudice but is not baseless one. Even Bhaiyyas don’t like bhaiyyas. That is the prime reason they leave their own states.However upon observation it has been found out that they do migrate to places which are already developed by their own respective states. For eg. Mumbai, Bangaluru, Kolkata,Chennai. These places are hubs for commerce. And people from Bimaru states migrate to these place more than others. However the only reason they migrate these regions is not because they want to contribute to socio-economic development of these places but to leech these places of money and resources. They do this by their sheer numbers. It is well know fact that Bimaru states encompass most of the Indian Population. They come in huge numbers and flood the region with excess manpower. This results in employees hiring them instead of the local population. This is because you can’t treat a local with same behaviour that of a bhaiyya. Let me elaborate. Suppose a builder in Maharashtra wants to hire some workers. He hires some bimarus and some local workers. If there is accident and some people die on site the builder can just give money and make other bimarus shut up. However you can’t do same with the local. They will make sure that the builder faces grave consequences. This can alos be proved by the fact that it has been done and reported in news in their own states albeit catching them in action secretly. Bimarus had been paid money over loss of their own and they have shut up. This proves that Bimarus lack empathy. They do not feel for their own. Same can’t be said about people from other states. Also when Bimarus enact same behaviour in other states it becomes a norm. This can destroy societies. 2. EDUCATED POOMARUS “But Bimarus work only in labour sector. They do things which Locals don’t want to do.We are helping you grow.” This is the line which is usually uttered by intellectual Bimarus. But don't be fooled. If you think that only low wage labourers migrate jsut to leech money than you are wrong. Take Bangaluru as an example. Banguluru is an IT hub of India. What proportion of locals are employed in the companies which operate on their own land in Bangaluru. Banguluru was not developed by these Bimarus but the local governments, the society , the farmers on whose land these industries were built. So why don’t the employees employ local people. Same reason as the builder above. However, this goes deeper and more secretive than above example. Let me elaborate. Suppose an IT firm wants to employ people in Banguluru. Now its easy to employ locals. But we see that is not the case. You see when Educated Bimarus Flood a place of commerce, this can prove a gold mine to a corporate employers. You see if they hire a local the company can face protest if something goes wrong. This is what a corporate wants to avoid. Local population can bring these companies to its knees but not Bimarus as long as you give them money. Due to this reason IT firms rather than employing from local colleges employ kids from these Bimaru states. These Bimarus work for Minimum wage and don’t utter a cry. This is because they care about only one thing i.e money. Even if it means living with 10-15 people in one room. Locals will protest but Bimarus won’t. This establishes the fact that Bimarus not only migrate but are brought by these corporate. Their love for money and lack of empathy for human life and society as whole is exploited by these companies. Also the reason why we don’t even see locals protesting against these corporates because when these educated Bimarus flood your economies they make it norm to not to protest. It becomes a norm to delete the emotions of empathy from society as whole.
The meme of 1857
Entire subhuman platter is fault of bengali and brahmin streetshitters. They were the one to initially serve East India Company. Remember East India company never used their own troops. They relied on bengali soys and moved towards UP and employed brahmins their. These bengalis and bahmans sepoys were just cannon fodder for cumskins. They fought against Marathas, marathas lost UP and north coz of them. They were the British fodder against rajputs. Licking British boots they fought against their own people and gave them Rajputana. Same goes for the Sikh empire, the southern kingdoms. These bengali and brahmin streetshitters are the reason maratha, rajputana and sikh and southern constituency fell. British loved using them as canon fodder against Tipu sultan during conquest through Madras and eventually Karnataka. So after 100 years these bengali and brahmin soys finally realised the British were cruel and might make them shit in toilets so they decided to make a meme, a new cartridge that uses cow and pig fat. Chungle pandey being a good bimaru endorsed it, good sepoys show always their sepoygiri. Even their propaganda was filled with cuckery of bahmins and muslims. And they wanted to make Bahdur Shah zafar II again as the king of Delhi, yes this was the end goal of 1857. And they wanted other factions like gorkha regiments, sikh regiments, rajputs, marathas to fight with them so that mughals would once again rule delhi or else they will call others traitors and sepoys. Same mughals who executed last maratha general, killed entire family of last sikh guru, forced rajput women to self-immolate and took their residencies and the irony is it was forced by none other than bimaru sepoys who destabilized their states earlier licking cumskins. What baffles me is how they have brainwashed and portray this stupid dindu meme of 1857 as first war of independence. Seriously, independance ? Under Bahdur Shah zafar II ? And they glorify it by saying, that marthas, sikhs, and rajputs were sepoys who didn't helped them and somehow these bimarus and bengalis were the real warriors who fought against british, but they don't mention the part where they were bend down half naked in front of cumskins for almost a century killing their own people for british. I think they don't want to accept the fact that they were traitors and cope by saying everyone a sepoy, but they were the real sepoys.
Jats: A Perspective
Jats - A Perspective. A lot of namecalling insults and straight up hatred by some butthurt brahmin zoomers on this board. Read it if you really want to know about jats otherwise might as well do what you want , insult and move on, there is not tldr, im too lazy and tired rn for that. Having said it -- this is not defending any caste's OBJECTIVE wrongdoing nor is it saying jats are superior. Jats esp when it comes to patriot like qualities dont need certificate of accomplishments from bania brahmin clique. I consider Rajputs not in same boat since they earned by hand and not mind, meaning earning by sweat and blood is far superior of a way than by not doing so, imo. The Jat was the death of savarna constructed caste system, since the jat couldnt be kept into shudra or malecha category strictly from the beggining. The jats were not of subservient nature unless it meant land grants, and they did not clean up after brahmin rajputs like shudras and dalits, they did howeve for the peasantry class in some regions of haryana and rajsthan, but due to their denial of accepting "dharmic" way of living largely adopted in the then-BIMARU lands, brahmins never made them kshatriyas as they did do with rajputs in agnikula traditions which were compromised on rishsikesh and other today's-hill stations during ancient times. Jats have for longest time kept the north west (except some parts of rajasthan) and pakistani region of India under thier belt militarily speaking. Jats run entire greater panjab, which is approximately equal to one third size of uttar pradesh jats fought ghazni and tamerlane and striking blows that would prove to be fatal to these invaders, both of them accept jus how notorious it was to fight the jats. Guru gobind singh accepted the fact that these numerous tribes hold so much power in malwa moga majha belt of punjab that it was impossible to pass safely without their protection. coming to modern history, jats represented heavily in british army (which i dont support but doesnt mean they didnt earn ) which won them many war laurels post independence jats of punjab and haryana proved to be among most industrious community as they expanded into sports, very high rate of joining defence forces, buisness owners especially in real estate, film making, modelling and civil construction. They have given various chief ministers across north india even a prime minister for that matter. Jats are THE community you need to look at if you want historically low treated castes to come forward ON THEIR OWN, and not with govt implements like welfare reservations etc and other form of +ve discriminations. Personality wise jats have one major malfunction which is isnt much to begin with since it has to do with their language which is quite raw and sounds uncivilised, this is to do with historical reasons and the tough life lead by their ancestors. Jats are among the tallest groups in India, most are above 5'10 and have among the highest 6ft men per 100 people. It is no secret that jats are good looking fellows since they have sharp feature when it comes to eyes noes jaw and hair and their very fair skin complextion, they maintain their youthful looks much more longer than other communities like brahmins and baniyas. cut to today, although there are many problems with jat community, it is pretty evident that they have virtual dominance of 2 most basic fields of nation making --> agriculture and defence. This alone proves that jats have sewn the fabric of north india with their blood AND sweat quite literally. What do they get in return? the same old jhaant shudra chamar malecha insults, they look at this and realise they dont have much of a stake in hindutva politics and hinduism never accepted them anyways historically. + BJP's renewed anti jat politics post 2014 has made them very rebellious. Jats like every community has issue but at the end of the day you cant call them cheats, kikes, looters, uncivlised, lazy or anything clever shrewed brahmins or baniyas are accused of. Jats have quite literally pu
TrueIndology real doxx
JAI BVDDHA JAI BHIM I shall have no faith in Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara, nor shall I worship them. I shall have no faith in Rama and Krishna, who are believed to be incarnation of God, nor shall I worship them. I shall have no faith in Gauri, Ganapati and other gods and goddesses of Hindus, nor shall I worship them. I do not believe in the incarnation of God. I do not and shall not believe that Lord Buddha was the incarnation of Vishnu. I believe this to be sheer madness and false propaganda. I shall not perform Shraddha nor shall I give pind. I shall not act in a manner violating the principles and teachings of the Buddha. I shall not allow any ceremonies to be performed by Brahmins. I shall believe in the equality of man. I shall endeavour to establish equality. I shall follow the Noble Eightfold Path of the Buddha. I shall follow the ten paramitas prescribed by the Buddha. I shall have compassion and loving-kindness for all living beings and protect them. I shall not steal. I shall not tell lies. I shall not commit carnal sins. I shall not take intoxicants like liquor, drugs, etc. I shall endeavour to follow the Noble Eightfold Path and practice compassion and loving-kindness in everyday life. I renounce Hinduism, which disfavors humanity and impedes the advancement and development of humanity because it is based on inequality, and adopt Buddhism as my religion. I firmly believe the Dhamma of the Buddha is the only true religion. I consider that I have taken a new birth. (Alternately, "I believe that by adopting Buddhism I am having a re-birth.") I solemnly declare and affirm that I shall hereafter lead my life according to the teachings of Buddha's Dhamma. JAI BVDDHA JAI BHIM
so uh why did you guys conquer your own country on behalf of a condiment company? Why pagchods are like this bros? Even in dreams they are acting like sepoys
Anon who predicted about India breaking apart here. It always starts with spike in unemployment. More of jobless retarded unskilled BIMARUs = shitty North and more people moving to Delhi / Mumbai / the edges (Gujarat / South etc.,. - expect more crimes there) India has horrible vaccination rate and people, though many are scared are not going for vaccination. This is because the vaccines are not available at all. Dumb ass politicians and cucks threatening vaccine producing Boss. wtf bsdk? Our country is literally falling apart - expect more of this shit to continue. And the Administration is extremely incompetent and focusses only in coming to power. This, from a Mudi fan in early days. The guy had so many things running in Foreign relationship - visiting so many countries. No huge industries got setup here. Power situation did improve, but what use is electricity if there is no improvement in job openings?
What goes on in London's Little India - Southall
We sub-conti goli sodas dont get a real unvarnished look at what goes on there Lots of crime? Stabby-stabbies? Drugs? Is it bad-bad or just your average feral Paki bad? Any bong bros care to chime in? Crime and COVID in London’s Little India Apr 29, 2021 Crime and COVID are on the rise in the suburb of Southall in London that’s home to the largest Punjabi community outside of India. At various times during the pandemic, it has recorded some of the highest COVID rates in the United Kingdom. VICE World News reveals how deep-rooted cultural beliefs and government distrust are fueling crime and vaccine hesitancy.
Good morning pyaare anons
New Mallu strain 15x more lethal than previous ones. Should we be worried. Inb4 "corona is a hoax;1 billion indians, 3000 daily deaths;blah blah"
What is /pol/'s opinion on us?
are you guys dead yet I saw on the news that literally no one is alive in your country and we all know the media never lies
>Be Kerala >Give middle finger to bhangis >NDA/BJP win 0 seats How can a state be this based?
> Be Me > Be Brahmin Overlord > Look at the absolute state of this country > Remember that 98% of country is Bimaru Pajeets > Stay smug as my caste practices non-incestuous eugenics and leaves this shithole > Watch as my caste dodges Kali-Yuga
Lungi final solution
bro's what is the final solution for lungi nigeers? I can't stand the sight of them. If god gave me the power i would exterminate all the lungis.
ganga me aaj dhangse haga mai How would India look like if shitholes like Bihar and UP were cut off? I bet people in general would have a more positive stereotype of India.
Bhangalis fleeing Bhangaliland
Everyone is killing hindoos, it's fucking over for hindoos.
In 2014 i was like, >Modiji didn't do 2002 and that's a good thing Now I'm like >Modiji didn't do 2002 and that's a bad thing
POOGI's priorities
Imagine this low IQ Chimp as PM kek.
/pol/'s opinion on pic attached
Life of a Bimaru
>be Bimaru >wake up to the sound of neighbor women screaming while getting raped >pray to 8 headed beast goddess's photo on his brick wall >step out into his designated shitting street >Drops two huge shits right in the middle of the street because the sidewalks are already taken >Shoves his left hand up his asshole and swirls it around to clean it >pulls pants up, head towards the Ganges for bathing >take clothes off, Dive into a sea of rotten garlands, used food packets, dead birds, plastics, piled up garbage, all floating on the surface of light brown water because of the multiple layers of Human excreta settled at the bottom of the river >pokes his head out of the water and takes a deep breath before diving back in for a nice swim >notice a big fish at the surface while swimming underwater through a mix of Human feces and water. >slowly swims upwards towards the fish, moving in stealth, carefully as not to alert it >grabs the tail of the huge fish in one swift motion, pulls it downwards >realizes it was a rotten corpse's leg that somehow floated away from the group of corpses piled towards the other bank of the river. >disappointment.jpg >Climb back up to the shore, puts his clothes back on and walks up to the corner store to buy 5 packets of paan to chew for the day >pull out his redmi smartphone and samsung stock headphones, puts on "Bhojpuri song" on youtube and walk towards the railway station to go to his construction site >passes by through a school, sees little girls getting out of their school buses >settle down on the sidewalk, starts leering at little girls walking to their classrooms >pulls his cock out, jerks off furiously, cums >reach railway station, climb onto the top of the train with 10,000 more Bimarus stacked on top of each other like packs of rotten sardines >takes selfie at the top of the train, posts it on facebook with epic caption >reach construction site, lays bricks until noon >lunch break, checks his WhatsApp friends group while chewing paan in a corner >sees pictures of white women in sarees posted by his friends >pulls his dick out, jerks off furiously, cums >opens facebook messenger, sends " hai mam " to 20 white women. >ask for bobs and vagene pic, get annoyed when no bobs and vagene pic, threatens to rape them next week >pulls his cock out, jerk off furiously to Angela white and Mia malkova on xhamster, drops his whatasapp number in the comment section and ask them to call him for sax >back to work, continue laying bricks until 5 PM >collect 800 Rs as his pay for the day, walks back to the railway station to board the train back home with 5 friends >notice woman returning from work, plots to rape her >follows her until she starts running and one of his friends hiding in the way knocks her down on to the road, carries her into nearby construction site >take turns raping her while recording it on his phone >reach railway station, boards the train and posts the video onto his whatsapp group, gets disappointed when one of his friends already posted another video of him raping a high school girl in a forest >walk past the school back home, notice one of the little girls he busted a nut to in the morning making her way back, >hide behind a bush, jumps out and grabs the girl, knock her on the head unconscious when she makes noise and takes her to a nearby grove >bites onto her school uniform and tears it apart like a rabid dog, rapes her for an hour leaving bite marks everywhere on her body >disfigures her body with a rock when she wakes up and calls for help >take photo, posts it to bhatsapp group, feels good when friends praise him >walks back home, sees a crowd near a tree close by, walks up to find the corpses of neighbor women raped mornign hung from the tree >takes selfie, posts to facebook with epic caption >reach home, checks facebook messenger for bobs and vagene pics, gets annoyed and send more rape threats >open pornhub, drops his phone number in the comment section for calling him >go to sleep listenin
Hitler would have gassed the cucked incel pajeets who pretend to like him
>Hitler was a white married white man, pajeet inc*l cucks think he would've considered them aryans. truth is that after gassing jews hitler would've tortured and killed all the incel pajeet cucks
Yadav Subhumans are Abbos
>The word Yadava does not have known Indo European etymology. According to Franklin Southworth, it might be of Dravidian origin, meaning "herder". Yadu means goat or sheep in Tamil and Yaduvan means goat/sheep-herd. Source:The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia: Language, Material Culture and Ethnicity by George Erdosy and Walter de Gruyter. Page 266.
Modi magic is over. On both of the right wing subreddits, Modi is being shat on. Panditji Reloaded was ahead of his time.
Get outof my state bhangali
Were full. GTFO Bhangali ki maa chodo
The Future of West Bengal is a hybrid of JK, Taliban and Syria like civil war.
rank each middle eastern ethnicity you know from best to worst
Why so much nigger violence in WB? Ek aur partition ho raha hai kya?
Shall we sneak through their border and pretend to be Mexicunts?
Absolute state kek. Most objectively based organization in the world now embracing tranny tier wokeness
>make post mocking Indians for the epidemic >rocket crashes the next day
Literal partition habbening in Bhangaliland. SPREAD THIS MEME EVERYWHERE FAAAAST
Why do so many leftoids reeeee about "muh ethnostates bad" and then proceed to simp for Hezbollah and the IRA
As long as bhangali subhumans kill each other, I'm happy.
4D chess thread
Modi and shah are inactive in WB ,because they have got good amount of seats, and any further voilence from now on against BJP in WB by TMC or muslims, is goign to increase their votershare in rest of lundia which was going weak , because of poor covid handling , economic crisis and forcing lockdown on citizens Another way of chodi ji playing masterstroke by leaaving dindus in waste bengal after getting good seats compared to previous terms ,and getting that simp hindu voter of north which votes simply because of muh islam. If this votershare comes at thge price of few thousands being torched , it's too cheap. KEk modiji ek hi toh dil hai, kitni baar jitoge
/pol/bros they are trying to supress /ourgirl/
Post bhangali (nigger) moments
Indo-Bangladesh relations are at an all time low
Why is BJP so cucked?
ok guis
Based Strap-On dharini, Bano Momota Begum wastes no time in putting the hammer to muh "subaltern dindpootva" chamaars of Bhangi Janata Party. And for fuck's sake she hasn't even been sworn in. Bhangi Janata Pottie pajeets can cope and rope.
HBS as our Next PM
>single handedly BTFOed both congressi cucks and regionalist fags >UC hindu >People love him >Actually knows the politics metagame Why shouldn't he be the next PM after modi?
How badly is bhaktbhangis seething right now?
Will the pakis be forced to take the chink vaccine? They gave kerala a separate entry lmao
When's the next riot? I want to see Muslim corpses in the front page news.